Watch and Be Encouraged


Hear from people whose lives have been eternally transformed through God's work at CareCenter Ministries.


Long before Micah’s life was turned around, he was a lost soul. He didn't know what he wanted to do in life, and was making bad decisions. The lifestyle he lived led him to rehabs, county jails, and prison. Finally, Micah landed at the front door of CareCenter. CareCenter worked with Micah. Through love and discipleship, they showed Micah that Jesus loves all His children, no matter what they have done. Micah learned the importance of putting his life in the hands of Jesus, that His wisdom will guide him to do the right things. As Micah believed, his life began to change. He started actually enjoying life with the people around him. I have seen a complete change in his love for life and his enjoyment in bringing others to Jesus Christ. In his recent time in California, he showed us his commitment to trusting Jesus by staying positive throughout the processes that would allow him to return to his new family at CareCenter. During that time he let his faith guide him. That faith proved true and he was allowed to return to CareCenter. There, his adopted family operates to continue helping others learn about Jesus. Micah is a true inspiration and example of how accepting Jesus will provide you happiness beyond imagination. I am very proud of him today and grateful for the work God is doing in him and through him. I have my son back. Thank you Care Center Ministries. 
-Micah's Dad (Geoffrey Gehring)

Micah Gehring - RACE Program


I pretty much wasted my childhood more or less. I used heroine for the first time when I was 12 years old. By 14 & 15 I was an everyday user. Any measure I had I spent on heroine. And the impact it was taking on my life I really didn’t quite recognize. Or I was just to young to care.  By the age of 21 it finally registered with me I had absolutely no chance of a future. I lost many friends, often times my own freedom, even my great family came to the conclusion they had lost me. I spent every minute of each day high. I couldn’t see a way out. And I desperately needed some help. 


In 2015, at 21, I came to CareCenter Ministries. Just a lost kid who had nothing to lose. Today, four years later, I stand as a staff member of this ministry. Assistant Home Director of the men’s home, and the numerous lives I’ve been privileged to impact is just unthinkable. God dealt with me early on here and has taught me so much. Almost unrecognizable, my family couldn’t be more proud, and I couldn’t be happier. Finally starting to figure out who I really am, I co-labor with God to help men just like me figure out who they are. Long term discipleship is absolutely key. The Gospel has saved me and the Ministry has fastened to me. Which allows me to learn, make mistakes, and continue to grow in an environment of grace that I am truly forever grateful. My purpose today is bigger than myself! 

Chad Robertson - RACE Program


My life was characterized by disappointment heartache, and destruction from 20 years of alcoholism and drug addiction. It culminated in divorce, loss of custody of my son, and eventually homelessness on the streets of Dallas. 

   When I arrived at Carecenter I had been running from God for a long time. I didn't know what to do I just knew I was done trying to live life my way. It wasn't working. As I surrendered to God's will for my life I began to be radically transformed. God used the leaders and pastors of the Race program to systematically walk me through healing of the pain and damage caused by life and military experience, all things that once propelled me to drink and use drugs.

   After two years in the program I was released to the workplace where I gained employment with one of the ministry partners in the field of Fire Suppression.

   I now have successful career and have been completely restored to my son's life, to be the father I was always meant to be. All this would not have been possible without an amazing place like Carecenter.  My son and I are honored and grateful to be able to continue to serve at Carecenter in many capacities still today.

Ryan Shield - The RACE Program


I am a single grandmother raising three grandchildren on my own. Money is tight, and, at times, raising the children alone is difficult. I began receiving food from The Basket and it relieved a lot of stress trying to make ends meet. The people at The Basket became family to my children and me! Now, I volunteer at The Basket every week, and I enjoy helping people just like CareCenter helped me!

Mary Cruz - The Basket


I grew up in Jackson, Mississippi and began using drugs and alcohol as a teenager. Experimentation turned to addiction and a life of crime. I attended an Overcomer’s meeting in prison, and heard about CareCenter Ministries. I knew that it was God’s next step for me.
So much has changed in my life with the help of CareCenter! Since coming here I have had full restoration with my children and family, something I never thought could happen. For the first time in my life I can breathe because I am completely full of hope in Him!

Daniel Awaby - Race Program


I was addicted to methamphetamines for more than twenty years and it tore apart every relationship I had, including my children’s.
When I came to CareCenter in 2013, I had a deep desire to mend those relationships. God did so much in my life as I went through the program, healing wounds and providing me with understanding. My children saw how much I was changing and our relationships healed, as well.
I graduated from the Tree of Life Program and also completed the Academy for Inner-City Missions. As Tree of Life Director for two years, I had the opportunity to pour back into the lives of women just like me. Now, life could not be any better. I am living in California with my children and grandchildren, and so incredibly thankful for the renewed relationships! It would not be possible without CareCenter!

Kala Stockton - Tree of Life


After I completed my tour in the Army, I fell into addiction. I lost everything I ever had, including my family. Coming to CareCenter was the best decesion I ever made! Through the Race Program God pulled me out of bondage, and the Academy for Inner-City Missions gave me to tools to help others do the same! What a sense of accomplishment to be an Associates Degreed Graduate, and a feeling of empowerment to be equipped with tools to continue my calling to be a missionary!

Kennedy Gray - Academy for Inner-City Missions


Men of Honor has impacted me in so many areas of my life. They have built character in me where there was none. I always tried to identify myself by the crowd I hung out with, but that all changed when I came to the program. Now I know who I am, a Man of Honor. 

Zachariah Woods (14 years old)- Community Center


This bible based recovery program, has helped me discover the hidden truth and helped me overcome a life controlling problem. I am now aware that there was a problem that was controlling me. I can recognize when it starts to return and I now know where to turn for strength, Glory to God. Because of His Grace, because He promised, He opened my eyes so I could see, and I am finally FREE.

Marietta MacDonald - Overcomers

My husband and I always said that we would never raise our children in Dallas, knowing what each of us had experienced at an early age. We always said it would take an act of God to get us to move back. Little did we know God had bigger plans for our family. We went to Lonnie Sawyer’s wedding and the Holy Spirit drew my husband to Hilltop church. My husband experienced first hand how powerful a change life really was . We ended up connecting with his family at CareCenter Ministries and started attending church on Sunday’s. We went through the foundational classes and both graduated. My husband lost his mother to suicide in 2015. on the way God gave him a word and it was to “Celebrate Life”. We sought council with Pastor Lonnie and Apostle Sawyer, Pastor Sawyer graciously opened up his ministry home so we could have a place to stay with our boys. CareCenter walked us through a devastating time in our lives where we both received discipleship. I was not saved when we moved here and through  counseling I have been set free and can now walk in freedom. My husband was able to attend the AIM Academy where he graduated. Now we are both serving as the Youth Pastors. All the glory goes to Jesus!

Zachery and Heather Pittman