Behind the Scenes

Our ministry began in 1986 in Lower East Dallas during the crack epidemic with the typical characteristics and problems of urban blight and poverty. It was not a promising location, but after twenty years of faith and diligence, East Dallas improved tremendously.
In 2006, CareCenter Ministries moved to Pleasant Grove, an area sorely in need of healing and support. The poverty and crime rates of Pleasant Grove are among the highest in the D/FW Metroplex. The schools are chaotic and gang-ridden; drugs are everywhere; gunfire and sirens are common sounds. Yet, there are few charitable or relief-oriented organizations in the area. We fill that void and are seeking to renew Pleasant Grove from within.
The CareCenter Team has great hope for the area. Through partnership with like-minded churches, real estate developers and investors, business owners, individuals and visionaries who have a heart for the poor in this region; we will make a difference.