Physical and Spiritual Nutrition

CareCenter Ministries’ Basket Food Pantry is a program that serves food-insecure families weekly. We provide groceries that will feed a family for approximately 5 days. We don't focus on large numbers but rather on the individual. CareCenter employs a three-tiered biblical approach to its food distribution for the purpose of strengthening the hand of the poor rather than enabling them. If you give a man a fish you have to give him another one tomorrow if you teach a man to fish you will never have to feed him again. This is a summary of our approach.  The CareCenter team is also vigilant to keep the proclamation of the gospel before those that we serve. 

The Basket is a way we meet a real need and connect to the residents of our community, in hope of reaching a greater need by developing trusting relationships, ushering them into community, and giving them an opportunity to take ownership by contributing through volunteerism, producing both life-changing and community changing results.​  We take time to counsel and pray with each participant on every visit.  We have also provided various resources of healing and training, such as counseling, life skills classes, and drug and alcohol abuse programs, etc. 

When you partner with CareCenter Ministries’ Basket Program you are investing in individuals and families. Although our outreach areas are in food deserts your investment goes beyond food distribution.


I am a single grandmother raising three grandchildren on my own. Money is tight, and, at times, raising the children alone is difficult. I began receiving food from The Basket and it relieved a lot of stress trying to make ends meet. The people at The Basket became family to my children and me! Now, I volunteer at The Basket every week, and I enjoy helping people just like CareCenter helped me!

Mary Cruz - The Basket