Freedom Outreach Ministries is committed to fulfilling the mandate of Christ in Matthew 25:36, which says “I was in prison and you came to me.”  Discipleship and Life Skill classes is an important aspect of F.O.M and are taught weekly at several units.  The goal is to help the men become the Men of God that Jesus had always intended for them to be: The Priest of their home, a Godly Husband and Father and a Leader in their community.


Weekend Chapel services are conducted at several Units across Texas and now F.O.M. has expanded into Oklahoma.  Anointed singing and preaching truth from the Word of God results in changed lives that God uses while incarcerated and when released from prison. For over twenty-three years, we have witnessed hundreds of lives transformed by the power of the Gospel. Many men that have been released through the years are now serving their community as Pastors, some returned to their countries as Missionaries, some have their own businesses, and many are leading Godly productive lives.


Freedom Outreach ministries is committed to “Reach, Teach and Make Disciples”


After I completed my tour in the Army, I fell into addiction. I lost everything I ever had, including my family. Coming to CareCenter was the best decesion I ever made! Through the Race Program God pulled me out of bondage, and the Academy for Inner-City Missions gave me to tools to help others do the same! What a sense of accomplishment to be an Associates Degreed Graduate, and a feeling of empowerment to answer the call as a missionary! 

Kennedy Gray - Academy for Inner-City Missions