The Academy for Inner-City Missions is a two-year study program that prepares and equips graduates for hands-on missionary work. The program offers a sound biblical foundation with practical, hands-on ministry training and personal mentoring. Graduates receive an Associates Degree in Biblical Studies.


Participants of the Race and Tree of Life Programs are offered the opportunity to enroll in the Academy after completing six months in the program. It is a powerful testimony to the work of CareCenter Ministries that many of those who graduate from the Academy for Inner-City Missions were initially recipients of CareCenter services. 

The Academy empowers these leaders to become instruments of change in their communities. Often they have come from tragic circumstances before receiving the message themselves. By God’s grace they become living witnesses to the power of Christ and fervently carry forth the message of hope.


After I completed my tour in the Army, I fell into addiction. I lost everything I ever had, including my family. Coming to CareCenter was the best decesion I ever made! Through the Race Program God pulled me out of bondage, and the Academy for Inner-City Missions gave me to tools to help others do the same! What a sense of accomplishment to be an Associates Degreed Graduate, and a feeling of empowerment to answer the call as a missionary! 

Kennedy Gray - Academy for Inner-City Missions